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Welcome to Ukraine

Ukraine is rich in its historical heritage, as well as with natural wonders. An example of natural wonders can serve Ternopil region, where there is the second longest cave in the world. It is worth saying that the national culture of Ukraine, its heritage is not only in the ancient caves given by nature and nature reserves with rare species of animals and plants, but also in the places of nature created by man. An example of the latter is the Nikolaev Zoo, which participates in 18 international programs to conserve endangered species of animals. Beginning as an ordinary private aquarium, the Nikolaev Zoo today is one of the most beautiful and rich zoos in Europe. But the most beautiful places in Ukraine are given to us, of course, by Mother Nature. Its wonders include the reserve "Askania Nova" (Kherson region), the lake Svityaz (Volyn) and Sinevir (Transcarpathia), the Crimean marble caves, the Dniester canyon (located immediately in four regions of the country) and many others.

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    Золотая Гора

    Украина • Ужгород Number of nights 10 Food BB Price 4 000 uah

    цена указана на одного человека при двух местном размещение

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